Anke Photograpy @ Signature Divine

Anke Photograpy @ Signature Divine

We had the wonderful opportunity to host a Baby Shower for Tanya.
Anke one of the most upcoming Photographers and proudly Oudtshoorn based was the photographer for this special event.

Her photographs are amazing and catches the moment perfectly! Memories to hold on to forever!
Please have a look at her website and the beautiful photo’s of the Special Baby shower.

Thank you AnkePhotography we are looking forward to working with you in the near future again.

Salted Caramel Jars

Salted Caramel Jars

Hi Guys,

I would like to inform you I am Addicted to Salted Caramel, amber colored, thick sweet and salty sauce!
What is not to like???

So the search began every recipe I can get my hands on, I have tried and tested and and and the one is better than the other. I am in LOVE! So I would like to help all the salted caramel addicts out there I have found the best recipe and with a little bit of my Signature D we perfected it to be Divine.

So easy to make so lets get Started.

You will need:
400g Brown Sugar
180g Salted REAL butter
250ml Cream
1 to 2 teaspoons of fine salt (to taste) I use 2
My secret a few drops of vanilla essence

In a medium sauce pan, heat the sugar over medium heat.
The sugar will become lumpy and will start to melt, now be careful that the syrup don’t burn.
When the sugar is fully melted add the butter immediately, and stir quickly leave on heat for 3 to 4 min.

Don’t worry if the butter melted and doesn’t combine with the sugar the cream helps it to form.
Pour in the cream slowly that it can form the amber liquid gold Yummy!!!

Boil for 1 min and take of the heat then ad your vanilla essence and salt.
Remember the sauce is still very hot so please DO NOT put your finger in for ‘n lick test.

Pour in glass jar to cool off. You can keep it in the fridge for op to 2 weeks, but I promise you it doesn’t last that long.

Enjoy your salted caramel sauce over ice cream, pecan nut pie, milkshakes or eat it with a spoon curled up in you warm bed with a good book, works for me to.

Laters xxx

Signature Divine Blooming

Signature Divine Blooming

This dream can’t sparkle on it’s own, but with a little bit of paint, cracked nails and very sore musculus we did it!!! Signature Divine is busy transforming into a beautiful wedding venue and gourmet stop.

We laughed and cried, but in the end it’s all worth it to see my dream becoming a reality. With all the major renovations behind us we can start with the fun part, attention to detail.
Stock is being ordered and my creativity can’t be controlled!!!

As I stand to look around, I can see little pieces of me everywhere.
Be sure to follow me on this exciting journey, where we are going to share wedding ideas, diy projects and delicious recipes.

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

My Sparkle begin nou!

Ek het nog altyd gevoel daar is iets “missing” iets soos EK! En so begin die soektog vir myself, sal dit in die kos wees wat ek maak? Sal dit in die funksies wees wat ek deur trek? Of sal dit in die besigheidsdroom wees wat ek nog gaan begin? Wel so het die “light bulb” een oggend vir my begin flikker en ek was kwaad, hoekom nou? Ek is nog nie gereed nie ek is maar nog klei en nog nie gevorm nie!!!

Soos klei is ons gemaak om gevorm te word tot die meesterstuk wat ons kan wees al voel ons nie so nie. Vandag is my dag met al die hartseer rond om my is daar so klein bietjie “sparkle” wat roep, “Dis jou beurt om die liggie te skyn vir wie en wat jy is!”.

So het ‘n droom ‘n werklikheid geraak met pragtige historiese kliphuise wat wag om gevorm te word in die pragtige venue wat dit kan wees. Die reuk van vars gebakte brood en vars kruie wat geknees word en sterk boeretroos op die stoep met die berge in die agtergrond. ‘n Karoo paradys met klippe, aalwyne en soet stories van wat was en wat nog gaan wees.

Volg my op die wonderlike ervaring van oud na nuut en nuut na oud!